Dressing for an Interview

“What job seekers wear on an interview is often seen as a test of their familiarity with the company and industry.” – Lisa Quast

Even though the most important thing on an interview is our skills, knowledge and competencies, still the first impression is crucial and hard to be changed. According to the research done in the USA, 55 percent of people get a job thanks to the first impression.

Things we should do in order not to make a mistake when it comes to dressing for an interview are:

1) do the research – before we start getting ready for an interview, we should do some research about the company we applied for, their corporative culture and dress code.

2) avoid extravagant and conspicuous clothes – we aren’t going to the fashion week. We should never let our appearance attract more attention than our skills, knowledge and competencies.

3) no too tight and form-fitting clothes – we might feel a bit uncomfortable when we can’t sit properly or move our arms. We need to be careful what we wear, but at the same time, bear in mind we should look as relaxed as possible, so avoid uncomfortable clothing.

4) don’t overdress – our corporate clothing should be adjusted to the job position we applied for. Not every job needs a person in suits. For some job positions, it’s even written not to wear suits on a job interview, but something a little bit more casual.

5) without bulky bags – Caution for girls! Don’t carry way too big bag. We’re on a job interview, not at work itself. We don’t need that many things. However, bringing a pen and a planner will give the impression of us being professional. And, never forget to carry an extra copy of your CV. You never know who you’ll meet.

6) What time is it? – it’s advisable to put a watch on your hand. It’ll give an impression of us being punctual. We don’t want to be late on such an important meeting, right?






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