Creative Problem Solving

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” – Albert Einstein


Creativity lies in each one of us. It’s a gift we all have. Unfortunately, a lot of people aren’t aware of it, nor allow it to be expressed because they think their ideas aren’t worth sharing. Innovation and creativity are very important segment of our personal growth and development. Only a few number of people knows the fact that by practicing we can actually inspire our creativity.

Creative people invent, imagine, create and communicate in fresh, new ways. Children are a lot more creative, because they do think outside of the box. They keep it simple because their thoughts are always fresh and unencumbered with public and social circumstances and constraints. We, adults tend to make things complicated because we are glued to TV, gadgets and social networks, that we can’t approach the problem differently.

Most of us are afraid to be creative. One of the main obstacles to creativity is our own fear of being criticized, our lack of confidence and being way over self-critical. We think our ideas are stupid or that our friends or colleagues will make laugh of us. When we work in an environment where we need to be creative, it’s very important to set our creativity free. Maybe some of our ideas aren’t 100% great, but what really matters is that we can inspire someone else to think in the same direction and create an even better idea; also known as synergy.

With creativity every work begins. However, it represents the hardest part of any job. A good idea is something which distinguishes us, pushes us forward and makes us special. Yet, we often run out of inspiration. The problem with ideas is that they usually appear suddenly, out of nowhere, not when we actually need them. The best way to develop our creativity is to go away from the familiar and exhibit a completely different impact. Furthermore, reading, walking, writing with pens instead of on our laptops, listening to music we haven’t listened before are just some of the things which are very helpful when it comes to inspiring our creativity.

Ideas are like computers. Every now and then we should upgrade them. We should keep the ideas from the past to be the foundation of ideas from the future. We should build and improve them. We shouldn’t be embarrassed to show our creativity, but proud, enjoy, have fun with it and let it take us. As Joseph Chilton Pearce once said: “To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.”


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