How to Write a Cover Letter


Cover Letter is a document in which we should present ourselves in the best possible way and show how truly motivated we are for the program we’re about to apply for. Its goal is to create a clearer picture of us and convince the selection committee to choose us among other candidates.

Writing a cover letter often seems like a hard task. However, if we go step by step, we’ll have no problems in completing it. Motivation letter mustn’t duplicate our CV. It should supplement it. Its purpose is to interpret the data from our CV and give our personal touch to it.

In order to write a good cover letter, we need to be well informed about the program we’re applying for. We should mention why we’re so interested in that particular program, what motivated us to apply, what will we get from it once we get accepted and how our knowledge and skills will fit into it. 

In addition to the qualifications required by the program we’re applying for, cover letter should present us as a motivated person, the person who is always willing to learn and improve himself/herself. Before we start writing, we should think about ourselves, our goals and skills. We should start from the fact – our studies or job, what and where we are studying or working and how it can fit into the program.

You should list your professional goals and their connection to your studies. If we have, we should indicate our long-term plan and how the program could fit into it. The aim of the Cover Letter is to present us as a unique person, exactly as they’d like in their program. According to that, we should pay attention to the way our Cover Letter will look like. It must be short, consisted of approximately 200-250 words and maximum one page long. It’s not advisable to be longer, as this may cause the selection committee not to even take a look at it.

Our Cover Letter will be one of thousands the selection committee should read. So, we mustn’t just copy from the internet. We ought to be original and check it before sending it, just to make sure that there are no grammatical nor spelling mistakes.

Although there is no specific form for writing a cover letter, here you can take a look into just a few of many examples:

What’s also very important is not to constantly send the same CL over and over again. Adapt it to different programs. Additionally, always send it in the PDF format. It look much better and more professional.


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